Domaine Petitot

  • Our philosophy

    "Vigneron": we like this term that refers back to the land, using common country sense, that of our elders, that of observation, of reflection, always in search of accuracy to intervene in the most appropriate way possible, thus being present the whole year round, accompanying the birth of each new vintage
    Our passion, noble, born by vocation and in contact with previous generations, is synonymous with work well done, and in tandem with "Mother Nature", which reminds us every day that humility is not an empty word

    Our pursuit of quality is accompanied by rigorous principles and numerous essential requirements at each stage of the development of our wines.

    We hope to share with you our commitment to respecting nature and our terroirs via our precious nectars!

  • The property

    The welcome point, which doubles as our home, is an old farmhouse dating from the 14th century. The cellar is offsite, at 7 rue de la gare., located in a beautiful late 18th century building, complete with vaulted cellar, typical of the region.

  • Our history

    Five generations have succeeded each other since the mid-19th century as farmers.

    • Alphonse PETITOT (1846-1927), mayor of Corgoloin during the 1st world war
    • Auguste PETITOT (1875-1939)
    • Louis PETITOT (1908-1977)
    • Jean PETITOT (1936-2015)

    Thanks to Jean Petitot, the winery began to develop in the mid-1970s, while still producing other agricultural crops.

    Jean and his wife Michèle bought and planted their first plots on the slopes around Corgoloin, in the Côte de Nuits- Villages appellation, in a vineyard called "Les Monts de Boncourt". In 1976, they began selling a portion of the production from their estate in bottles, a true demonstration of their energy and belief in their hard work.

    The 1980s saw the further development of their business: new vines were planted, bought or rented.

    Hervé PETITOT (b. 1967) decided to join the family business after finishing his studies at the local viticultural school in Beaune.1989 marked the beginning of his winemaking career!

    1989 marked the beginning of his winemaking career!

  • Louis

    Michèle et Jean

  • "The vine decides, the wine-grower accompanies it"

  • Today

    The estate has a surface area of 8.60 ha spread over the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune, including 10% white wines and 90% red wines.

    The majority of the production is red and comes from the "Côte de Nuits Villages" appellation, which is split into 3 different wines

    • Terres Burgondes
    • Les Monts de Boncourt
    • Les Vignottes

    The total of which represent a little more than half of the estate.

    At the beginning of 2004, the estate acquired two new prestigious appellations: Pommard "Le Poisot" and Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru "La Coutière". In 2008, the appellation Savigny-les-Beaune "Les Pimentiers" red was acquired to complete the range.

    As far as viticulture is concerned, the estate has been managed for more than 15 years with a constant concern to preserve the natural environment and the balance of the soil and the plant. Relying on rigorous vineyard monitoring, we favor environmentally friendly cultural practices as well as light tractor works (hoeing and plowing).

    Our role is that of observation, our responsibility is to meet the needs of the plant.
    "The vine decides, the wine-grower accompanies it"

  • Hervé et Nathalie PETITOT

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